Putao is a town in Kachin State surrounded by snow peaked mountains. It varies between cold and freezing the whole year round and there are many varieties of citrus fruits grown in the orchards. It is the gateway town to the northern part of Myanmar for climbing Mt Khakhaborazi (5889 meters). At 5889 metres (19,294 ft) it is the highest mountain in Myanmar and in all of Southeast Asia and is perennially snow-capped. 

Hkakabo Razi is sometimes called the “Anti-Everest” because there are no infrastructure, guides, porters, or easy trails to the mountain. Huge cliffs with D+ climbing, hanging glaciers with large crevasses, and corniches, make it a mountain not to be toyed with. The approach to the mountain is a major obstacle: Streams have to crossed over unstable bridges over huge gorges and for the most part, journeys are made on foot along footpaths that hug the mountainsides and wind through dense jungle undergrowth. It is a peak so remote that just getting to the mountain base requires a two-week hike through dense jungle with plunging gorges — and inhabited by venomous snakes.