Myeik is a beautiful town of Tanintharyi Division. It is in lower Myanmar. It is situated in Tanintharyi Division of southern part of Myanmar. It has a beautiful seaport. It is a small town but it is a very important town in Myanmar. It is also the coastal capital of Coastal Command. The town is close to the sea, so the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The area of Myeik is 7783 square miles. The Theindawgyi and the Mahartheintdizaya are main attraction pagodas in Myeik. Many high-rise buildings have been built. Myeik is famous for its products such as pearl, rubber, edible bird’s nest, dried fish, dried prawn and Ngapi (Fish paste). Fresh meat, seafood such as fish, prawn, crab and fruits and vegetables are plentiful. The people are friendly, honest, helpful, generous and religious who live in Myeik.