Shan State has been described as the land of picture postcard settings by many travelers. And Kyaing Tong (or Keng Tung or it is sometimes known) found in eastern Shan state is no exception.

There are plenty of picturesque rice fields and most local communities maintain their unique culture where visitors can see traditionally built huts on the mountain slopes.  As it is part of the golden triangle, where diverse ethnics group inhabitant, visitors can expect to see varied cultures and traditions. But it is not just the Kyaing Tong culture that is the main attraction of this part of the country.

Kyaing Tong has plenty of hiking, mountain climbing, trips in a trekking pilgrimage to nearby mountains to visit the villages of different Shan ethnic tribes. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery along the way, while admiring the pagodas spotted throughout the landscape.