Chin State a majestic mountainous region bordering with India, and home to the Chin people, who are one of the many unique national races of Myanmar. The Chin are made up of many minority ethnic groups, who speak 20 to 25 languages! It’s not only these ethnic minorities that make the Chin hills an interesting tourist site, but also because of the adventurous and breathtaking journey required to get there. One of the main attractions, Mt Victoria, stands at 3,053 metres (10,016 feet), and is set in the stunning and little-visited Nat Ma Taung National Park. Mt Victoria is the tallest peak in Chin State with great views all the way up the simple ascent; in November, December and February colourful rhododendrons are in bloom; and at the twin peaks of Mount Victoria you will find 360 degree panoramas of the surrounding mountains (plus a pagoda and Buddha, for good measure). 

Besides mountaineering this is the best place for hiking to nearby villages to see traditional village life, largely untouched by western influence and bird watching. Chin ladies can still be seen with tattooed faces, which was the ancient custom to prevent invaders from taking away the local women.  Of the small towns in Chin state, Kanpalat and Mindut are now visited by tourists for its picturesque beautiful scenery and fine weather. Hunting being one of the Chin national pastimes, you can see various head bones of animals proudly hanging on the walls at their houses. Their primitive weapon is the bow, in Chin culture this weapon is universal, being used both in fighting and hunting such larger animals.